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The following is just a little of what's going on in the world of The North Ave. Band.  Visit this and our schedule page for the latest happenings.
"Wakefield Holiday Stroll 2017"
Amy and Jim of the North Ave Duo will be at the 2017 Wakefield Holiday Stroll.  Stand-by for the time and location!
News and Reviews for North Ave. Band
"The North Ave. Band at Technology Square Outdoor Concert Series 2017"
The North Ave. Band was again honored to perform at the Technology Square Outdoor Concert Series.  We again had perfect weather and a great time!  
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"The North Ave. Band Performs at 2017 Festival Italia in Wakefield"
The North Ave. Band once again performed at the Annual Festival Italia in Wakefield on Sunday August 19th, 2017.  We had a wonderful time and look forward to hopefully returning to play again in the future.
Fan Mail!!!
"Hello band members. I was at Laurie's 909 with my girlfriend last night (Sat. July 13th). We were the ones dancing toward the end of the night. (Actually, she was dancing for much longer than I was. Heehee.) I just wanted to congratulate you on a great performance. I am no musician, but it seems to me like you covered a WIDE range of styles/types/genres of music, without ANY compromise in quality. We are big fans of live music, and you were one of the best we have seen. You ALL seem to be very passionate about it, and it shows in your performance. It was a fun atmosphere and a great "vibe". We will be watching for your appearances back at Laurie's, as well as other venues. Thank you, and keep up the great fun!"